private gym in chippenham

Pineapple Fitness is a private gym in Kington Langley, very close to Chippenham.

We have a huge range of quality equipment for all clients to use whilst attending our private gym.

As a private gym, working on a pre-booked hour slot, once booked you are guaranteed full sole, private and individual use of the gym with no waiting in queues or waiting for equipment.

Private Gym in Chippenham

our equipment 

Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill

Image Pro II Cross-trainer

Life Fitness Stepper

Dumbbells 2kg to 25kg

Plate weights up to 15kg


Flat bench

Decline bench

Incline bench

Medicine balls

Kettle bells up to 12kg

Skipping ropes


Boxing equipment


Bodysolid Shoulder press machine

Bodysolid  Leg press machine

Bodysolid Leg curl machine

Bodysolid Pec dec machine

Bodysolid Dipping station

Bodysolid Vertical knee raise station

Bodysolid Reverse fly machine

Bodysolid Lat pull down machine

Bodysolid Seated row machine

Bodysolid Tricep pull down machine

Bodysolid Ab pulley machine

Ab roller machines


Swiss balls

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